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briefly dance on a letter and a whirl 'round an instant flash of emotion thought or other mother
just the mirrorest beaconings of a notion of the ocean all of you plus currents electric but not just nor unjust a gust emerge submerge or just simply complexly merge dismerge pendulumly spherically swirl so far but others feel free to add modify subtract expand contract though not necessarily legal nor illegal and mostly not regal by conventual strandarts
abstract, aleatory techniques, altered states, amy lowell, anais nin, andre breton, antonin artaud, arbitrariness, ars oblivionalis, assemblage, automatic writing, automaticism, automatism, beat poetry, beckett, bloom, blues, bob dylan, broken social scene, cacophany, channeling, chaos, chaos theory, charlie parker, collaboration, collaborative writing, collage, critical theory, culture, cut-up poetry, dada, daedalus, dali, dante, deconstruction, defamiliarization, derrida, discordia, divination, djuna barnes, dorothy parker, emily dickinson, epiphany, esoterica, euphoric creation, experimental poetry, experimental writing, experimentalism, experimentation, exquisite corpse, feminism, feminist, feminist literature, feminist theory, forked tongues, foucault, found poetry, fragmentation, free verse, gertrude stein, glossolalia, heidigger, hermeneutics, hilda doolittle, iconoclasm, illusion, imagist poetry, improvisation, inspiration, jazz, jean dubuffet, jean rhys, joyce, katherine mansfield, kerouac, khayam, lateral thinking, liminal spaces, literary theory, literature, malapropism, maxine hong kingston, mediumship, mina loy, nabokov, nietzsche, nin, nonsense, onomatopoeia, ontological anarchism, ovid, paramodernism, pataphysics, plagiarism, poetry, portmanteau, post-modernism, postmodernism, poststructuralism, prophesy, psychedelia, pynchon, ralph ellison, random, revelation, semantics, semiotics, sex, shamanism, situationism, spectrists, splicing, spontaneity, stream of consciousness, subliminals, surrealism, sylvia plath, symbolism, synaesthesia, synchronicity, taoism, the waste land, trance, tristan tzara, tzara, unconscious, virginia woolf, william s. burroughs, word association, word salad, words, writing, zero-degree expression, zora neal hurston