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subject to veilure multiple jump-off points at reverie churn a glyphing buy a malt

flee write overt hustle uses in fury her earthness shed shorn the air of aces in the vault to a halt in fate urned hesitanies cupside-in convex inverted protuberances

mood in the mud-moist foundations other worlds constant plea


current electrick(flag) Waltzhaven luck retire veil back where never before in life have been less in the fray: fray-free less stress you dreamin' yeah admit but 'least can see 'n' other senses workin' too within reach out 'n' touch it though not yet there

wonder at what it all could be

now to rejoin by write of the pen though digital whatever way back in to let be known on the screen is this a turning point in history? something that hasn't happened in hundrds of years or something that has never before happened in all of known history to the bad and to the good simultaneously? the species being socially engineered into split-up parts? Grave New Whirl?
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    of now

recent cure for audition

shorthand display only play too narrowly divined t' blend of pay in ordeal another in proportion shall not yet may be unavoidable even desirable in its exit qualities all at once available for you t' sea
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    fell back for lack felt the way its kind touch

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settle into the approach to Dawn how to approach her? do not worry just visualize that there shall be a more than adequate approach to the screen of flickering light interpret the times when warmth of a laptop gets to be a little bit to much its fan begins to roar reminding of inadequate so far there needs to be more and not just more was a good evening in the studio vibes caught up with me submerged merged science of oneness felt in the abode
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    again the silent non-presence provoked wonder
storm above

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Sparks burst into flame across the sky, smoldering and crackling into the dust. Brightness settles into flame, settled into darkness, and then everything was still. The brightness worried, worried itself into a relapse, and then it was taken down into the cool earth. Blood splashed and frayed at the edges, coolness, silence.

bright stars bright shadows piercing flame bad intentions

intensity of the shining star

piercing bright flame

stab slash into your flesh

Bright sharp star formed into an elongated pick that drives down, pure and perfect, puncturing the clean white flesh, and the berries of life burst fresh and free into the cold air. The death monsters arise and dissipate into the dawn, mythologic interminability. Sometimes when the stars shine, the hunger bites hard into the belly.

welcoming an other in celebration of we eared it just the same diversity

it cut me by its sharpness first written bound me uptight the usual challenge taken aback into paralysis just the peerest beaconing of a glimpse of what east suncovered-up-darknesses their shadows undercover as yet not dared scene however dewrited at the prospect of an other self the tiny darts of light but hardened metal steel aluminum slenders laser-like narrows 'n' arrows eyely appall couldn't stand anymore the disorder the very thing that might change the whole thing up but could not stand behind or in front of any of it nor to the side but sighed cried out for nothing voided like checks into infinity or zero better yet the null set of building blocks
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Sharp and blinding like a dozen needles thrown into a million eyeballs the insistent caterpillar crawls with its bladed legs into the flesh, digging around. But it isn't a caterpillar, it's your destiny, and it's eating you alive like a fifth grader with a sack of Halloween candy. Under the table ... Collapse )