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now subject to a slightly later point on the timeline

pen-mouthing another for both the booth and the uncouth for the sake of vermouth was in the other subject to being a/the subject has very recently spaced out into being this modification technically avoiding straight duplication but still discrete worried and concerned got lost got glossed over in t' free t' flee or stay or neither just prior to the ether as bee and the nor as hay t' make as in t' do in contrast t' being just let t' be which seems hardly ever t' be as such but maybe as a consolation at worst not as such thereby leaving a spectrum along which t' pry into further dimensionality having been the last of the other's words is hereby being added to by a reiteration of the what was then the current mood: now the wonder at a sleight plunderblunder leaving the lineperson feeling an unreeling reeling into awkwordednessences unburdening themselves of their quasi-anesthesias
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