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K.T. Bloom

Orpheus and Eurydice

i don't know if you've read this or not, but i've made a few changes and thought i'd update the community.

Orpheus and Eurydice

i saw tonight the sands of time
swaying back and forth
i heard the dead scream of your bed
chant the rhyms of time

stars eternal watch below
wevers of time sing and sow
a song and prayer for the dead
a requiem for those gone before

i left you there in slumber's care
and made my way back down
the underworld it called my name
oh what a dreadful sound

an elegy for all lost souls
wails in my core of being
not knowing how to hold on more
this a requiem for those gone before

i saw the spirits of the past
congregate in spiraled stair
i walked along the fallen stars
and saw the night was dead and bear

the screamers of death
the listless of living
a somber tone of dying
a requiem for those gone before

i meandered through and bumped into you
you'd said that i had gone
you came so close but were a ghost
and just like that there were none

those not dead should be away
pestelance of earth should not interfere
go back angel to heaven's light
while i sing a requiem for those gone before

i ran from there, screams everywhere
until at last i did find
a stream so deep i fell asleep
and before i knew, it was dawn

peace and thunder some how mix
two collide in a dance of noise and silence
dead bones grind as death chuckles
at a requiem for those gone before

i came awake with an awful shake
but saw you by my side
i kissed you then and with a scare
realized you had gone

cold skin stretched
eyes gone to pale glass
breath is gone from both our lungs
as i scream a requiem for those gone before

it's about the greek myth of orpheus and eurydice his wife... in case you don't know, he was a musician- a good one, and she was his wife. one day eurydice was prancing with some nymphs and she stepped on a poisonous snake- it bit her and she died. if orpheus had been there singing, the snake probably wouldn't have bitten her, but it did, boo hoo, she's in the underworld now. so he goes to the underworld and makes a deal with hades for her soul. hades will let her go back to life on the condition that orpheus plays his harp all the way back and sings without ever looking back. if he makes it, she lives, if he looks back, she goes back down... you'd think it'd be easy enough but NOOOOO! he just has to look back and right when they're almost out of the underworld! (yes, it has an entrance from earth in the story) but he looks back just as he's almost stepping out into the daylight and back she goes... sad yes. anyway, yeah. that's it. one of the interests said literature, so i thought this was nice for it.
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